A Dishonest Code

Is a soul priceless if you are willing to sell it?

A Dishonest Code
Things go badly wrong when a promising university student lands the perfect job with an ancient and wealthy but murderous society. Brin is a young IT expert with greed and a need for adventure on his mind. He works by day in London and travels the glamourous cities of the world but, by night, he’s breaking into the finances of some of the world’s largest and most powerful companies.

When his illusive uncle takes him under his wing he joins a group intent on abusing his hacking skills in exchange for an easy route to wealth and power. But when things go wrong and people go missing will Brin ever be able to leave alive?

Mowbray embraces the ultimate temptation between living the high life on ill-gotten gains and the risks of life beyond the law and murder. At what point do you sell your soul to become spectacularly rich? When do you stop gambling with your life?

Death follows a centuries old, dark route to power as companies are destroyed, IT systems plundered, colleagues murdered, and big parties flourish amidst the supercars and yachts bought by the super wealthy.

Based on real murder mysteries and computer crime...

Based upon seven currently unsolved true-life murders and the deeds of two infamous computer fraudsters ‘A Dishonest Code’ charts the rise of a nobody to a millionaire somebody. A Dishonest Code is inspired and based upon seven, currently, unsolved murders and the deeds of two infamous computer fraudsters; the suspicious death of Danny Casolaro, an unsolved conspiracy mystery, the demise of Claudia Tjelt, the ‘Casie Nicole’ unsolved snapper boat mystery of Billy Neesmith, Keith Wilkes, Franklin Brantley, and Panama’s unsolved ‘Lost Girls’ mystery; Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, and ‘The Homeless Hacker’ Ameri Gus. “Gone with our hearts but never from our thoughts, our thoughts and prayers are with you always.”

“’A Dishonest Code’ is a stunning story of a hacker manipulated through temptation and tradition by a sinister organisation.” Kathryn Harris, literary critic and blogger, 2020.

“Great story of manipulation and huge wealth based on real life mysteries and actual hacking techniques told in an exciting and engrossing manner.” Jo Slinger , IAS reviewer & AWS consultant.