Gone One Night

Based on true life murder mysteries and technology crime…

Gone One Night
“Gone One Night” is the story of a nobody turned millionaire somebody very quickly through the murky world of big business and online security flaws. The story is based upon three currently unsolved murders and the latest security issues that made one man seriously wealthy within a very short period of time.

From Aston Martins to yachts and from Zermatt, Switzerland to London, England to Barcelona, Spain and beyond, the work for a centuries old foundation continues until the spectre of death, intrigue and corruption catch up. Gone One Night is the story of how aspirations of power and wealth can be ruined by greed and murder, and how one man tried to take it all and disappear.
Money and death...
Follow in a world beyond ours where anything is simply possible...
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Behind the glamourous life..
Survival means being willing to drop everything and run at any time.
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Where millions can be stolen..
Some will break every rule known to the international world..
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The boom that produced millionaires and billionaires also brought out a newer more deadly side to one ancient foundation...

“Gone One Night”is an an excellent first read or accompanying novel to”A Dishonest Code” and”The Fraudster’s Shadow.” “The story was phenomenal! It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time!” Susan Keillor, US copy and editor 2020.

“Wolf Rambo has all the ingredients to write novels just as gripping as his real work in cyber security. Rambo’s ability to illustrate a crime from the first person perspective and the temptation to use one’s skills for evil is compelling.” Steve Johnson, blogger and security expert 2019.

“Wrong foots us through so many twists and turns while taking you upon a journey and dangers of a world that is both wonderful and treacherous. A joy to read!” Slater’s Club, England, 2020.

“Superbly written and carries you along at speed while illustrating a whole new world of cyber-crime and mystery to the audience. Clearly and factually explains some of the wilder stories hitting our headlines in the real world at the moment!” Kathryn Harris, Creative Editor, Designer & Reporter, 2020.

“Wolf Rambo shows off his industry knowledge and his love of investigations into real life murders, crime and detection with an aplomb for mystery and a particularly effective and raw blood-curdling descriptions of a number of assassinations with ease.” Francis Jarvis, Director of EMedia 2020.

“Good crimes rarely get noticed and the idea of a centuries old organisation using its wealth to recruit and train the best brains into destroying lives and competitors felt all too real! Great work!” Ryan Hoskings, Cyber Security Director, ‘at one of the big six banks’, England.