A Thoroughly Modern Treasure Hunt

“There comes a time in every rightly-constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go and dig somewhere…” From ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ by Mark Twain, 1876.

A Thoroughly Modern Treasure Hunt
In 1945, Germany and its allies were surrendering. Gold and anything of value was being looted on an unprecedented scale. Most loot would be lost forever but Dave had a wartime diary with clues of where to look. He’d start his own search and meet some colourful characters, experience a number of unusual accidents and incidents and see some amazing cities and unravel their history on the way. This is a true story of adventure, a test of a strong relationship, testimony to great friends, and a trial of the human spirit made in a very unusual quest. This is an account to make you smile, as you join a ride through an overlooked chapter of World War Two and the modern day quests across four countries to retrace steps from the past.

“My treasure hunting days have been exciting and if you want to share in the adventure read my book, in the last chapter is the wherabouts of everything I know. You can read my book for light entertainment or join in the adventure. Its your choice..” David Turner – author of ‘A Thoroughly Modern Treasure Hunt.’

The true story of an 'Average Joe's' unusual attempt to pay his mortgage off in a chaotic search for lost wartime gold. To read or even take part in your very own hunt... 

“For now let me tell you about my story of how to find Nazi gold. It’s the adventure of an ‘Average Joe’s’ need for adventure in a modern, busy world. I had a submarine of a plan and I was going to dive into treasure hunting with no experience, a few concrete ideas and hopefully not get torpedoed in my thoroughly modern treasure hunt.” David Turner – author of ‘A Thoroughly Modern Treasure Hunt.’

“You can read this book for light entertainment, a good mystery or even as the starting point for your own treasure hunting escapades. It’s the adventure of an ‘average guy’s’ need for adventure in a modern, busy world.” Kathryn Harris, book lover and critic.


“5 stars, an entertaining and lively story of chasing lost wartime treasure and history!” Slater’s Club 2019.

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