The House That Dave Built


“5 Stars from Slater’s Club – “A Funny and Riveting story of determination!”

“Love the humour, and passion!” Jo Slinger, Editor And Blogger.

Everyone wants to build own home with thoughts of winter wood fires, lounging in luxury, hosting summer barbecues for friends etc.. The joys of house building can inspire but enthusiasm without experience is a recipe for chaos. Dave got anything and everything done… eventually. But using a bulldozer to crash your way through life with a determination reserved only for the SAS is not always a recipe for success. Unless of course, you’re in the SAS.

This is his story; Dave is an ‘average Joe’ without the typical Grand Design TV show budget or contestant with the casual £500k to throw around. Nor the smug entrepreneur with mere millions lying in the bank saved for a pet building project. Dave was influenced by many, many television shows and the media to pick up a hammer and build.

Dave had a recklessly tiny budget backed by a teacher’s salary. A teacher’s salary which meant raising a family in the bedroom of his parents’ home was a very real possibility unless he did something radical sooner rather than later. His solution was to build his very own residence and shortcut his way to the ideal family home.

This is a story of an ordinary man in the street, relentlessly marching towards his own financial Armageddon and with a lot to learn against the back drop of the world’s biggest credit crunch and those who wanted to literally crush his dream house.

The House That Dave Built
This is the inspiring and entertaining story of how Dave’s life got turned upside down in the pursuit of building the ‘perfect family home’.

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The Grand Designs of building your own home meets a comedy of errors, the world’s greatest credit crunch, police, explosions and more in this true but uplifting story of an ‘average Joe’ who tries to build his own home.


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